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You are here probably because you have a dream to build a successful blog & business. 

Without a trace of doubt, you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it. Amen!

As a smart person that you are, i trust that you’re not ignorant of the reality either. You are probably aware that 90% of the people who start to build their dream blog and business fail.

It is hard work to sieve through the pile of information out there. Not to mention the high level scam that comes with training courses. This can get you overwhelmed pretty quick. 

Am i making any sense at all?

I am here to guide you.

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Hi, i am Sam, your guide.

I guide aspiring bloggers through a simple 4 step training system.

The plan is to equip you with knowledge and tools that will help you start your own blog right away. Even if you are not tech-savvy.

Here’s an over-view of what you get if you follow my lead.

You will be guided to choose an area that interest you
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You will be guided to choose an area that interest you.

It will be time to build your dream blog
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It will be time to build your dream blog

You will learn how to attract visitors and readers.
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You will learn how to attract visitors and readers.

This is the juice and it will focus on how to start earning from your blog.
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This is the juice and it will focus on how to start earning from your blog.

You probably know by now that technology is constantly evolving. So i’ll encourage to SIGNUP for fresh updates.



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Hi, my name is Sam Oa. I am a blogger; an online marketer and I am the owner of myaffiliatejournal.com. 

Some things I enjoy doing are hangout with family and playing bass guitar at my local church. Jez… I love Sunday mornings.

This is my Journal

I have always been in the business environment. I ran a small interior design/space management type business.

Aside making extra money passively, I know most people out there seek opportunities online just to be free from their 9-5 jobs as well and still be able to earn a decent living.

I on the other hand, loved my work as a private business person because I was super active. 

I also had some freedom of time for family and other things that makes me happy like playing music as a bass guitarist in church. 

Ultimately, I really enjoyed the transformation my creativity brought to every project I executed.

But I soon realized that whenever I traveled or was sick, I couldn’t keep up with work demands and as such, I lost so many opportunities to earn money. That right there, got me thinking about alternative means to earn a living. 

Doing the work one time and getting paid over and over again became paramount. 

Well… didn’t know where else to look for such, other than the internet. My search began.

My Affiliate Journal is a website I set up to blog about my whole digital experience and quest for success online. 

I have been excited as well as frustrated since i started this journey because it has taught me so many different things. “The good, bad and the ugly”  

The online world and the popular phenomena (make money online) was a dazzling puzzle when I first started in 2014/2015. 

Making a living online through something I own was a dream that seemed so far away, but seeing that coming to fruition today, is exciting. 

This excitement triggers a reaction in me to share my experience, knowing it might help another person. Here it is… Consider My Affiliate Journal yours.

No! I have not always know how to blog!

Being in the online world has taught me how to connect with people from all walks of life. Through a platform that engages a holistic approach to teach people about blogging and affiliate marketing. 

My Affiliate Journal allows me to document this journey, my learning curve, mistakes and success to help interested persons learn and understand blogging and affiliate marketing and business online through content creation the right way, without going through the vicious cycle of losing a ton of money and time.

After my ups and downs with certain schemes projected by so called online marketing gurus, it became imperative that I set up My Affiliate Journal so that you can make informed decisions in your journey.


Through My Affiliate Journal, I share useful values, tools, skills and knowledge that i have acquired. 

That being said, i want to guide you in setting up your dream blog so that you can earn from it and live life at your own terms.

Would you let me help you? 

Between when I first started online and now, I made a lot of terrible mistakes that have cost me a ton of money and time. 

I bet you understand it hurts badly… But it’s a learning process I had to go through. The aim and purpose of this blog is to help you focus on what is important so you don’t fall victim of scam

Like you probably already know, there are so many other ways to get success online other than blogging. I’d like to invite you on this adventure to discover them with me.

Maybe you have heard that making money on the internet is a big scam, and that is true in so many some cases. 

For every one legit business opportunity out there, there are probably much more potential scams.

The goal of this website

I encourage you to follow my lead to this quick review. CLICK HERE

It is not a difficult thing to build a business online, but it requires hard work and patience through the process. 

I will give you access to valuable training on how to set up your blog the right way. How to drive organic traffic to it and earn money.

If you say yes, you can start now by reading this quick review first. CLICK HERE

Thanks for visiting. I hope you find some useful value here.

If you ever need a hand or have questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,