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If you are looking for free internet marketing courses online, search no further… Because I am about to hook you up in this post.

  • background of the internet
  • A guide before you sign up for any internet marketing course
  • My #1 internet marketing course recommendation

Background of the internet

The history of the internet began with just an email. Even though you cannot particularly pin an exact date to it, there were pre-invention activities.

Teem Bernards-Lee and his team invented the World Wide Web in 1983. Little did we know that the internet was going to cause a paradigm shift in publishing.

Blogs are now replacing newspapers. Youtube replacing television and podcast replacing radio stations.

The world has gradually turned to the internet for daily solutions.

The result is that more people have continued to show interest in learning internet marketing. But this change is not without problems.

So many people end up wasting time and money due to bad training programs. How do you identify the right internet marketing training for you?

The ability to take your business to a whole new level leans on your ability to learn internet marketing. And I trust you can do it, if well guided.

The internet is booming with a lot of internet marketing training courses. Each one claims to be the right fit for you. And I totally understand how confusing it can be to make the right choice and get started.

My aim is to guide you to know what to look out for when shopping for an internet marketing training course. 

A guide before you sign up for any internet marketing courses online

Here is my free guide to choosing an internet marketing training course.

  • Before you get into that training, make sure that there are a lot of success testimonials from other students who have gone in before you.
  • Are there any third-party reviews for that particular internet marketing training course?
  • You also want to look out for customer satisfaction.
  • Find a way to check if the owner or course creator is truly in it to help people grow and improve their business-not just for their financial gains alone.
  • Can you notice any reasonable improvement in terms of richer features with the platform, especially if the course fee remains the same? 
  • Are there options to help people regardless of budget to guide them through a path that helps them, either to start or grow a business?
  • Will you have access to 1-on-1coaching?
  • Would there be a way to try the course free of charge before you buy it?

As your guide, this blueprint will not be complete if I don’t make a recommendation. 

This recommendation offers a free website launch upfront.

My #1 internet marketing course recommendation

As your guide, this blueprint will not be complete if I don’t make a recommendation. 

Now that you know what to look out for, here’s my #1 recommendation for your internet marketing training course and why you may consider it. This recommendation offers a free website launch.

  • Yes! It is absolutely great for entrepreneurs who want to take their business online.
  • It is a perfect fit if you want quality hosting strong enough to power your website from start to a full-blown business online. 
  • It will work well for entrepreneurs who are not quite sure of the direction they want to take for their business. But need a guide as they are looking to carry out research to gain perspective and insight.
  • This is suitable for those who merely want to learn a long term and scalable way to earn an income online.
  • Perfect for existing businesses that want to establish an online presence. Especially they seek to know more and how it works. This could help them make a sound judgment of who to hire.
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