You are probably looking up reviews for Wealthy Affiliate, right? wondering if it still works in 2020 or not.

The actual question is…

Can you really give an unbiased review of the wealthy affiliate? In all honesty,  probably not.

Now, regardless of who you talk to, you are likely going to run into people who have had positive experiences with the Wealthy Affiliate and those who have had negative experiences on the other hand.

Not to mention the fact that, most people who do have things to say about the program, either want you to join through them or simply want to redirect you to another program other than WA that they are trying to promote.

So how can you an average consumer differentiate between the real and the fake?

My advice… Bear in mind, that whatever review you might have seen or heard is the point of view of the person who created that content.

Always remember that it is best practice for you to do your own research and due diligence before you settle. Which I guess is the reason why you are here today.

Don’t take my word for it. Besides, we all process and filter information differently. Try it yourself and make your own decisions.

Maybe you have already heard about the Wealthy Affiliate and you want to get more information before deciding on what to do next.

The intent and purpose of this article are to try to help you understand what Wealthy Affiliate is and what it is not. I will also attempt to accurately explain how and why it can benefit you.

Is Wealthy Affiliate really scam proof?

That for a title probably caught your attention and made you a bit skeptical, thinking this could be a potential scam. That is a valid skepticism especially if you have been in the online space for a while. Before I go any further,

I am going to be using the term Wealthy Affiliate and WA interchangeably for simplicity. Note that they are the same.

With that out of the way…

First, let me explain what Wealthy affiliate is and who its services have been designed for.

The Nest for Internet Entrepreneurs is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community dedicated to individuals who aspire to be affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs, helping them set up businesses correctly on the internet to achieve success through a series of practical and in-depth training.

It gives them total access to the necessary tools and services needed to build a lasting business online, not to mention the timely support system from highly successful industry experts within the community.

If you have ever felt like you don’t measure up, or maybe you have struggled to build an internet business in the past and have been a victim of a scam and as such feel like you don’t have “an idea” of what it really takes to build a business online, do not worry.

Wealthy affiliate is going to put things in the right perspective and help you understand.

What are you going to learn?

You are going to learn how training in WA can help you take any idea, hobby, passion, skill-set and build a successful business out of it. Even if you are physically challenged in any way. And no past experience is needed.

It is absolutely true that we now exist in a world where almost anything is possible. If you have an internet connection on any device, you can build a very successful business online.

A typical example is a fact that I am actually writing this post while in transit on my phone. Over a decade ago, this was far from reality. That is the beauty of the world we live in today.

How to achieve this aim, the entire training has been condensed into four simple steps diagram below.

4 steps to build a business online
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The wealthy affiliate was established in 2009, and this simple process has worked and continues to work for millions of people around the world.

Next, I will explain some of the fundamentals of this 4 step process just so you can have a better picture of how things work.

Step 1: choose an interest (Niche)

The first thing you want to do when building an internet-based business is to decide what kind of business you want to build in consonance with the aim of the business. In my opinion, the most natural way to approach this is to pick an area you are interested in or a hobby.

For example, if you love kids, you may want to carve a niche around something related to that. Or if you love music and musical instruments, that can be a niche. You can even create a niche out of just loving to take selfies with your phone. Not even kidding about this one… It is very possible.

It is also possible that you can build a business of a niche or an area you may not be so familiar with, or even an area not related to anything you are passionate about. Totally up to you. When choosing a niche for your business, there are countless directions you can take it and still emerge a success with that business.

For instance, if I go into the make-up/beauty industry, this will be the essence of my business and it would be the focus of my website.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a complete step by step guide on how to find your niche giving you personal support through 24/7 access to tools and techniques to help you figure out and come up with your own niche idea.

Step 2: Build a Website

After picking a suitable niche for yourself, it is now time to build your own website.

Your website will be the space your business resides, your own piece of virtual real-estate and the core foundation of your business on the internet.

In our physical world, a house with a flimsy foundation is structurally weak and will not withstand adverse weather conditions. The same rule applies to an online affiliate business model.

In this case, your ability to generate a sustainable income is absolutely dependent on your website. Your content, rankings and all of the revenue you will generate would be as a result of your website.

Now, before you start to freak out on me… NO! You don’t have to be an expert or a tech nerd. But here’s what happens, as you engage in building your website, you become submerged in your business that you start to gradually become an expert and an authority in this space. You see…

It is that simple! And I believe you can do it.

Jeff Bezos did not start out as an expert but became that by applying himself through a consistent effort, building a business now known as the e-commerce giant, Amazon.

If I want to become a make-up expert, the same rule applies. I will simply put in an effort to build myself in this niche.

In Wealthy Affiliate, free members are allowed to set up a maximum of 2 websites and premium members have access to setup up 25 websites in their domain package.

Step 3: Traffic

The contrast between the person who is dominating in their business and the one who is struggling is TRAFFIC.

The essence of blood flow in your body is what traffic is to your business. If a business does not receive a consistent flow of traffic, then it will be impossible to generate revenue. Traffic is the number of people that are exposed to your business (website) on a daily basis. The more traffic the better. This is the case for all types of businesses whether online or offline.

To drive home this point, imagine for a second an ice cream stand set up in the woods, where there is nobody. Versus one that has been set up on a college campus. The one at the college campus is more likely to make a lot of sales than the one in the woods, all because of traffic flow.

The same simple rule applies to selling anything online. If your website does not have visitors or traffic, there will be no one to sell to.

Wealthy Affiliate understands traffic and how it works. that is why they teach the best strategies and techniques to help your website rank in search so that it can get heavy traffic flow.

Step 4: Make Money

Wealthy Affiliate trains to earn
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Let’s quickly do a recap…

You have a niche

You now have a website

Then of course traffic has started rolling in by this time. But you don’t have a product.

The question is, how do you now start to make money from the website without having any product to sell to your website visitors?

That is a very valid question. This is where affiliate marketing comes in.

Affiliate marketing is selling another person’s or company’s product or services for a commission.

There are well over 400, 000, 000 products out there. What this simply means is that without having any listing, without keeping an inventory of these products and services, you are able to make money every time you make a sale through a unique link given to you by the company. The sharing ratio varies from company to company.

Commission ranges from a couple of cents to over $1000. It pretty much adds up, depending on sales volume through your unique link.

If you choose high-end products, the commission you can get from each sale could be between $100 to $2000.

Once your website starts to get a ton of traffic, there are many more ways through which you can generate revenue.

You can earn advertising through what we call GoogleAdsense. You can make money from the emails that you collect from your website visitors and selling your own products.

An example would be an e-course or physical product.

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the finest and most lucrative affiliate programs. You are going to get a chance to interact with some of the best affiliate marketers from across the globe.

The training is beginners friendly – at the same time, advanced enough to cater to the need of professionals who are just looking to up their game

Part of the training will teach you how to find the right affiliate programs and how to effectively convert your website visitors into paying the customer in very simple steps. Time passes and before you know it… you will become a pro yourself.

#1 reason: Free to join

It is totally and completely free to sign up and have a test ride on the platform for seven days.

In those seven days, you will have full access to the training, support, product research tools and the opportunity to launch 2 websites of your own free of cost.

This will allow you the time to access and do a quick appraisal of the system to see if this is for you or not.

#2 Reason: Price without an increase for 14 years

The Wealthy Affiliate premium membership price has not changed in 14 years. With the amount and quality of training WA dole out, it is a huge deal where other companies charge over $900.

If you have shopped around for a while now, you will notice that similar training platforms are outrightly just a bunch of ripoff. Not to mention the numerous levels of insane upsell common with such platforms.

All that you need from start till your business fully develops and successful online is to pay $49 per month and $359 per year.

#3 Reason: Quick access to founders.

Access to the most responsive and helpful community on the web for internet entrepreneurs is a guarantee with Wealthy Affiliate. That aside, you are going to have direct access and be able to communicate with the founders Kyle and Carson who are always on hand on a daily basis, ready to help within the community.

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I personally love the way they are hands-on with this WA project. It is the reason you would easily find them daily interacting with comment feed, posting new blog content and engaging within the live chat helping people directly with their challenges.

#4 Reason: Clock- walk Support

With a growing population of over 1 million members across the globe, this community is not just another platform on the internet.

Wealthy affiliate is a real community with real people who have genuine experience and in-depth knowledge. It has instituted a pay it forward approach

I am a testament to the fact that the support system in WA works like a clock-walk. If you ever have any problems with your website hosting, the response from tech admin is insanely quick and swift irrespective of what time request was forwarded. It also does not matter what part of the world you live in.

#5: Reason Training constantly evolving

Because we live in an era where technology is constantly evolving, building a business online pretty much follows that pattern. Because of this, Wealthy Affiliate takes the time to daily update the training to constantly keep it current

#6: Reason state of the art hosting

SitPlus+ is just one of the many features of the WA hosting facility that is also known as SiteRubix.

With the click of a button, premium members are able to install SSL encryption on their website. This is part of a new requirement from Google for which websites are ranked.

In this day and age, to successfully run a business online, you need reliable services and this has been embedded in the premium package with more than enough resources and strength to power and run a multi-million dollar online business.

Here are some details of the hosting offered within the WA in comparison to other top hosting platforms in the online world sharing the WordPress content management system.

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#7: Reason One Stop Shop Approach

The training in Wealthy affiliate is unique because of the way it has been designed. It’s like a one-stop-shop. where you have all that you need to establish and grow your business online exists one roof.

What is common online is that you will buy a course only to discover you got a fraction of what you need.

But it is not so for Wealthy Affiliate. WA equips you with everything you need to build a business from start till it becomes successful online.

They don’t only give you the tools that you need, but they also give 24/7 access to support and training in this one-stop-shop environment.

This allows for a 3-way3-way communication system between you, admin and millions of other community members spread across the globe in one place. I mean… this is perfect ingenuity.

#8 Reason: Free Live Classes (Bonus)

These live classes are very interactive and fresh every single week. When it comes to building a business, it is important to have access to live interactive training that you can take part in.

As a premium member of the Wealthy Affiliate, you will be able to join this live class every Friday

Live classes are mostly hosted by Jay one of the top-performing experts within the platform. There have also been guest visits by Kyle from time to time.

This enables a live question and answer section where members are able to ask questions and get responses simultaneously.

Live classes may last from 1-2 hours and replays are automatically made available afterward on the website for future reference.

One of the most effective ways to stay ahead of the competition is by letting Wealthy Affiliate help you. Do you want to be an EXPERT in this terrain? Those live classes will give you advance insights.

#9: Success Story

In Wealthy Affiliate, it is quite easy to find social proof of success everywhere in the community.

You would typically find testimonials almost on a daily basis from people making their first sale ever online, to people quitting their jobs and firing their boss. If you pay attention, you will see such fresh stories every single day.

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As a matter of fact, If you put in the work and apply every bit of the training and follow the 4 steps that I explained earlier, you are going to emerge a success with your business.

It will only require some effort and hard work. If you envision your business as a multi-million dollar business, you will put in a commensurate amount of work and create your own long term success.

#10 Reason: Consistent Price. (Zero Up sale)

If you were to create an opportunity where people get trained with full support to develop their own business for less than a dollar per day, would you run such? With Wealthy Affiliate, this is the reality.

People get ripped off a lot through training programs online. You buy into one for $999 and realize it is just a fraction of what you need in comparison to the many more layers of expensive up sale that you must get.

There are far too many cases of people getting taken advantage of online. Wealthy Affiliate will not do that.

I have high regard and respect for products with a great deal of integrity. Especially when there is a free option to test drive first.

With Wealthy Affiliate, there is nothing to hide. You know exactly what you are getting from the get-go before you pay for it, for a fact that you have tested it.

With the free starter membership offer, you get far more than a lot of other paid programs can offer you online. This is another reason why WA is unique.

In conclusion, I don’t want you to take my word for it. You be the judge. There are far more good “sales guys” somewhere who can pitch this thing and make it seem like the world is going to come to an end just to convince you to buy-in.

That is not me, I just want you to make the decision based on what you feel about this whole thing. Based on what I said, if you think WA is a perfect match for you, give it a chance and try it out today and START FOR FREE HERE.

What do you have to lose? Zilch! Absolutely nothing.

However, if you have any questions with regards to Wealthy Affiliate and internet marketing in general, feel free to leave them in the comments below, we will be glad to help.











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