Reasons why blogging is important

Why blogging

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In our world today, the various social media platforms on the virtual space called the internet, have monopolized the way we express ourselves and network across the globe. The way we publish text, images and videos have now become so easy. Because of this, many people rarely see the need to blog

In this POST…

You will learn

The reason why blogging is still important and relevant

 How you can earn money from blogging

The reward you can get from your blog

Why should you and anyone go through all that mental stress of building a blog and writing content hopping its compelling enough to attract readers?

Why should you work hard to drive traffic to your blog?

Why blogging?

Well, here are my reasons to blog in 2019 and beyond.


No, I am not a writer!

That’s what you will commonly hear people say. I said that too at first when I started. But there is a need to remember that we all are constantly communicating from person to person across social media. Writing or blogging is the exact same thing.

If you have sent an email before, you can write and blog. You simply just need basic communication skills.

When you write, you are able to feed your passion for writing and do so irrespective of rules, regulations and character limitations.

Putting together blog posts on a consistent basis will quickly improve your writing skills.

This not only simplifies blog writing but will also increase your relevance beyond the confines of your website.

An example I can give is the fact that people have been able to put books together from their many blog entries.

It is also important to note that writing a blog means contributing to an archive or database of articles that can be useful for research purposes in the future. Consider that you are doing a noble thing for contributing priceless content to the world’s archive.

For most people, writing is a daunting task. But blogging is always an opportunity to practice creative writing. Like the good old saying… “practice makes perfect”.


It is almost impossible to be successful at anything, living in isolation.

With a blog, you are able to build a community of responsive people who will build some activities on your website by reading your articles and allowing comments exchange between you and them in the comment section. Doing this, you will build your authority and increase your standing in the online space.

This also can lead to connecting with a network of people or other advance bloggers who can be helpful to you, not just only for the promotion of your blog, but also for giving you the knowledge and new ideas.

With this, you are constantly gaining motivation to rise above challenges that come with building your business online.

Make Money

First, making money should not be your primary motivation for blogging, because it does take some time for this to happen.

If you truly focus on creating value through your content, you won’t burn out when faced with challenges that come with blogging. Oh yes! Those challenges do come.

That being said, let’s talk about making money with your blog.

Paying bills is a major part of life for all of us, and this is the same for bloggers.

It is quite uncommon these days for bloggers to not only struggle to cover running costs but make a good amount of passive income on the side. There are also many bloggers out there who earn a leaving off blogging.

If you persevere and endure the challenges of blogging, and try to learn and understand the business side of things, you will have a great chance to succeed.

From a business perspective, your blog can be of indirect use to you in so many ways. By exploring Google Adsense and affiliate programs, you can rake in a decent amount of consistent income on incremental bases, especially if you have high traffic flow to your blog.

It can be fun

For many bloggers out there, the fact that writing is fun is the first and foremost reason to build a blog.

Writing content around certain topics or subjects that is dear and close to your heart is absolutely blissful. Not to mention the connection with readers and their responses.

Another thing that can be fun is the collaboration with other bloggers, plus pitching the subject of your article, the building and expanding of your blog

Without a shadow of a doubt, running a blog will most definitely require a little patience, because keeping up with posts can be quite challenging sometimes. But in tens of personal improvement and financial gains, it has been proven to be highly rewarding.

Another reason why blogging can be fun… there are no location restrictions. You can blog while on vacation.

Submerging yourself in your blog theme will increase and accelerate your level of expertise in the subject, which may be useful in both online and offline.

Skills and Knowledge

With recent breakthroughs in technology, starting a blog is no longer a difficult task. However, it will still involved in getting familiarized with things like HTML some times. HTML-means Hypertext Makeup Language.

This will help you acquire some technical skills and knowledge.

Blogging will help you become proficient in the area of self-organization, managing your network, marketing, creating and curating content, plus many more things.

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One more reason to blog

Making your own blog more interesting is essential, and there are many ways through which this can be achieved. Especially if compared to the content on social media.

Other than the fact that your content is unique and peculiar to you, your blog is truly your own asset. As opposed to using social media platforms, where you really don’t have total control of your content.

Creating your blog only comes with minimal cost, not to mention the fact that themes, plug-ins, layouts, and other essentials can be installed for completely free of charge.

The minimal cost to run your blog comes with hosting and there are a ton of options that further reduces the cost.

A great blog, with great content, is the most important factor in building online presence and authority. If you strive to build yourself a great quality blog that is worth reading, you will definitely attract a huge number of interested readers from across the globe.
By blogging you have nothing to lose. Especially if you enjoy writing.

Take a chance today and start blogging and see where it leads you.

If you need training on how to blog the right way and fast track the process of earning from it, click here for my best recommendation. The best part is that you can start for free now.

Please, leave your thoughts in the comments below and I will get back to you. Thanks for reaching out.


This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Emmanuel Buysse

    Great post and good info.

    I have a blog for a while now, first was for fun you know, typing about my interests, then I read about wealthy affiliate and affiliate marketing, so I made a site and put an everyday blog about supplements. 

    I get money by people who buy it, in means of commissions. But for me that is so good, getting money for blogging, and I earn money from home! 

    Anyway, I like your post, it has good info! 

    Thanks for sharing! 

    1. admin

      Great experience Emmanuel and congratulations.

      Life gets better for us when we discover new and better way of doing things.

      Thanks for shearing you thoughts.


  2. andy

    I think that the hardest part of blogging is just getting started. Once you get that start and you get a responsive audience it can really become a great way to communicate and network. You have a chance to share your skills and knowlegde with a receptive audience and you can also earn a commission if you are linking to relevent products. This can be a fun way to earn an extra income.

    1. admin

      Absolutely Andy, and in addition to that, it is also very important to sustain the momentum of the quality of content one creates. Consistent value from every blog post will certainly attract more and more readers. Most importantly, pay days are real. I totally get your point.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  3. Christina

    These are all great reasons to blog. I am a blogger myself, and I have all of the same reasons of why I do it. It can be lots of hard work, and there’s always something new to learn. But it is SUCH a great challenge and it keeps my mind completely occupied, which I love. 

    I think it’s great if you’re someone who’s creative. I had such a hard time sitting in an office cubicle because I was SO bored. I worked in an elementary school and I was STILL SO BORED. lol 

    Blogging is not even 1% boring. It’s exciting to learn new things, figure out how to hurdle over obstacles, connect with other people in the blogging community, and MAKE MONEY OF COURSE! 🙂 

    I just wanted to mention that the link to the training that you recommend isn’t working. 

    Thanks so much for the great read! 

    1. admin

      Christina, thank you immeasurably for your profound insight and experience on the subject.

      I totally agree with your point. Like you, i am not the guy for a confined, square-foot and boxed lifestyle. 

      I’ve always being on the creative side of life. from music to interior design, but creativity didn’t extend to writing. 

      Hope you don’t mind me asking… Do you love coffee? maybe you do, maybe not. But i have not always liked and drank coffee. Just one day, i decided that i was going to learn and acquire that taste many people are crazy. Now it doesn’t taste so bad at all. and i am still on the coffee-journey lol…

      My point is, writing and blogging is not something i’ve always done, but i kinda like it and how much it allows me to freely express myself on any subject. so i decided to learn logging. So far, it has been fun and challenging at the same time.

      But anybody can do this if they are willing to learn.

      Okay. I shall fix the link at once.

      thanks for reading.


  4. Gno

    Your post about blogging helps others to choose this way of earning. Anyone can start it and if someone starts it, will really enjoy writing. Anyone can find a niche that is important enough.

    Sure, bloggers want to earn money with their blogs and I liked that you wrote about it. This is also an important part of blogging. I am sure that your post will help many readers to start blogging.

    1. admin

      Thanks Gno for your response.


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