Some key things to check first when promoting an affiliate program

In this post, I’m going to show you some high-paying affiliate programs that you can promote in 2019/2020 and beyond. Many of these programs actually have the potential to help you make between $8,000 to $10,000 monthly But first, you need to consider a few things with every program you promote to maximize your profit.

I will be showing you what to look out for in an affiliate program or network

  • I will be going over high-ticket products and high commission rates
  • I’m also going to be talking about recurring Commission products and programs
  • I am going to let you in on the pros and cons of each them. This will help you make informed decisions on which one to really promote.
  • I will be giving you a list of some best paying affiliate programs out there

let’s go ahead and get started.

As an affiliate marketer, what do you look out for when promoting an affiliate program?

#1 Finding the right affiliate program to promote is an essential factor to your success. So, it is absolutely important that you are able to find a program that is popular and in high demand.

Have you ever come across some products that people just love? There is already a demand for such, that it only requires a minimum effort to promote. These are the kinds of affiliate programs you want be looking out for. Because of the high demand for them, they are usually very profitable both in the short and long term.

However, do not ignore the fact the product or service must have use case and relevance. In other words, it must be solving a specific problem. If not, the reputation of your brand would be hanging in the balance.

You position yourself as the middleman offering more value and enthusiasm to your potential buyers just at the right time depending on the product that they’re searching for.

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With emphasis, you need to provide some value to the marketplace through your chosen niche. Otherwise, you are not going to be able to make any sales with affiliate marketing.

In the beginning, 10 to 20-dollars commissions is great to get started, just to build motivation and confidence. It is actually great to get people to join your mailing list and make them buyers for as long as you want.

However, the big picture should be to align yourself with high paying affiliate programs where you can make from $60 to $300 and in some cases, thousands of dollars per sale.

Maximizing your profit should be goal to keep in focus. At the end of the day, getting big commissions takes the exact same effort as getting the small commissions. These are the kinds of commissions that will allow you to build a great affiliate marketing business and not just a business bobby. And on the back end, it’s really going to allow you to grow.

You also want to ensure that you can create amazing and compelling content that caters to solving a specific problem, solutions that leave a lasting impact on people.

People are looking for reviews on topics, products and services. They love it when you can provide them with step-by-step guide content in a 10 to 25 minutes video or in an entire in-depth 3000 to 6000 words article on your blog or website. especially if it’s for a high paying item.

You’re just going to build a deeper rapport and connection with your audience in a way that selling to them becomes easier and natural without the need to cajole them to buy. Be it low or high-ticket product.

When picking a product to promote

#2 Ensure to compare programs you promote with their niche regarding their popularity. Now, you can’t really judge the quality of a product based on the Commissions that you receive.

You’re going to find plenty of high paying affiliate programs out there that aren’t really that great in quality. They may offer high commissions that pay thousands of dollars. But frankly, if no one really wants that product, you want to stay away from it.

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You want to thoroughly research the quality of the product before you consider promoting it. It is important that you check out their website, get a feel of what they really do.

Look out for reviews on Google and YouTube to see what people are saying before you launch a promotion on it.

Here’s the reason research is a key factor to your success in affiliate marketing.

Are people already buying the products you want to promote? If no one is buying in the first place, you are probably going to waste your time and resources.

This is one of the major reasons why people don’t succeed with affiliate marketing.

You are not going to get much success if there are only a few hundreds of people looking for that product per month.

I will recommend that you know for sure that there are thousands, hundreds of thousands or better still, millions of people out there actively looking for that product that you want to promote. It is a lot easier as opposed to promoting something that no one really wants.

In addition to checking out how popular the program or product is, you also want to take a look at the cookie policy and duration.

Now what are cookies?

#3 Cookies are basically just a small line of code stored up in your computer. They are designed to hold a decent amount of data that can be accessed by a web server.

In this case, the cookie goes on the end of your affiliate URL or on the landing page. It’s there to accurately track sales and other important data to let the product owners know that the sale came from you and have it credited to you. This process is usually automatic and seemless.

The duration of the cookie varies from program to program. Some cookies last for only a 30-day period from when the potential buyer clicks on your affiliate link. If that sale does not happen within those 30 days, the credit won’t go to your account.

Some affiliate programs have those cookies on for a period of 90 days, 100 days, some even last forever. Those types of cookies are known as sticky cookies. There are some top affiliate programs out there that use sticky cookie. You definitely want in on such programs.

For subscription type programs, if the customer decides to cancel for a couple of months on their own and they’re on a recurring plan, if they come back some months down the road, you’re still going to get the credit for that sale. That is the beauty of sticky cookie. And it’s worth looking out for when searching for affiliate programs or products. Sticky cookies can help max your profit.

Like I mentioned a while back, if you want to have an actual affiliate marketing business and you want to become a super affiliate, you need to ensure that the program has some products on the back end. Especially if they offer up sell on additional products and packages.

It’s a lot easier to get somebody to come back and buy another product than it is to get a totally new buyer. So, that’s where these back-end sales and these up sells really come handy.

Because they really do multiply the amount of money that you’re making through your affiliate marketing efforts, without really having to get anybody new to purchase the product or program. The back end is usually where businesses make the most amount of money

For example, you purchase an e-book on how to lose weight. Say, it cost only $6 or you might have downloaded it for free. Now, if somebody puts you through their sales funnel or through the back end of their Business, what typically happens is that they’re probably going to try and sell you coaching on a higher-end program on weight loss.

Now, let’s just say that the customer ends up purchasing a $1000 Program, you’ll end up making roughly 100 to 300 dollars just for the affiliate Commission and you didn’t even have to get them to make an initial purchase.

When that happens more frequently, this can pretty much be a healthy cash flow for your affiliate marketing business.

Great to have second tier commissions bonus

#4 Second tier commissions

What is a second tier Commission?

This is when you get paid a percentage off sales made by affiliates that you refer to the business. Say, if somebody buys into the business and signs up under you, you start generating extra income when they start selling as affiliates. This usually ranges from 1% – 4% which is not really much but can add up over time.

High ticket products versus high Commission rate products and recurring Commission products

Let’s go ahead and take a look at high ticket products versus high Commission rate products and recurring Commission products. Like I mentioned earlier, I will be going over the pros and cons of each to give you a vivid picture of what to expect.

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And let’s go ahead and start with high commission rate products. Now, some of these products are typically low priced and they range from $20 to $100, but the Commission rate is pretty high. Which can be anywhere from 40 percent all the way to a 100 percent.

You may ask, how is that possible? Yes! There are some affiliate programs that give you a hundred percent of the initial sale. You can find a lot of them on Clickbank and Jvzoo. Now these products are somewhat easier to sell.

Con: You do need to get a lot more traffic, so that you can get a lot more sales in the door. That’s a high-ticket product for you. That’s probably the only con that comes with these high commission rate products.

If your goal is to make $10,000 per month and you’re selling a $50 product on a 50% Commission per sale, then you need to make about 400 sales of that product at $25 per sale. If you are just getting started with affiliate marketing, 400 sale of a product can be a pretty daunting number to hit.

Let’s take this scenario for example… say, you also went ahead and threw in a high-ticket product and you made five sales of $500 at 50% sales commission that’s already $2,500 you’ve made from a high-ticket product.

If your goal is to make ten thousand dollars still per month, instead of selling four hundred copies of that low-ticket product, you now only need to generate 300 sales which is 25% off the amount of sale that you need to generate.

So, it becomes a lot easier to try and reach your goal of ten thousand dollars a month or whatever your goal may be. So that’s how these high commission rate products and high-ticket products work together

Now, if your goal is to sell a million dollars per year, then you’ll actually need to make an insane number of about 40,000 sales of that item, which doesn’t come so easy even for the best affiliate marketers. This is why you want to use different types of Commission products. The great place to go for this is Clickbank or Jvzoo or any other top affiliate network like Rakuten or Share-a-sale and Amazon.

Next is the high-ticket products. Now these products are typically more expensive. They range anywhere between $200 to $25,000 or more. But the Commission rate is typically lower. It is usually anywhere from 10 to 30 percent.

But at the price that these products are sold, it’s still a huge Commission that you’re making on these them. Because of the price point, these kinds of products are harder to sell and they require a lot less traffic, so you sell less as well. Compared to high Commission rate product.

Now if your goal is to make $10,000 a month with these types of products and you sell a product worth $1,000 at 30% Commission, you’ll only need to make 33 sales of that product at $300 per sale in order to hit your $10,000 mark per month.

But the thing with the high-ticket products is that, you need to get in front of the right audience that will connect with that product, which can be difficult if you are new to affiliate marketing.

If you are a beginner, I would recommend that you read this review and sign up for one of the best affiliate marketing training online. I would also recommend you promote the higher commission rate products.

These products are great to be sold on the back-end after the high commission rate product.

Recurring Commissions 

These are subscription products. They are typically a SAS product. SAS means software as a service. they can range anywhere from $20 to $500 per month in subscription fees.  

These products are extremely powerful and I particularly love them because they can help you build a solid base of recurring Income and healthy cash flow to your business 

Now, if you refer somebody once, you get paid for as long as they stay subscribed to the service and to the business. Soyears down the road, you are certain of earnings coming in from that one time effort. 

However, one of the hardest things to do is getting people to buy into it that very first time and that’s the only hard aspect of it. Once you make the sale, the rest is like a roller coaster on your income. That’s why this is so powerful because they’re literally paying each month. 

Example: if you’re promoting Click Funnels, a very popular affiliate program and a marketing tool and you get somebody to sign up for the basic package at $97 per month, you’ll get $40 to your credit per month.  

Now, if you rake in 5 to 10 subscribers every single month, by the end of the year, that’s going to be 50 to 100 paying subscribers signed up to ClickFunnels and you will be making from $2,000 to $4,000 per month without having to do any additional work once you get the people signed up.  

Now, these commissions may not be that big compared to some other high paying programs, but can pretty much compound over time. You see why this is an amazing thing? It can create one of the most consistent forms of income in your business as an affiliate marketer. 

Best High Paying Affiliate Program

how-to-make-money-online-from-wealthy-affiliate (9
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It is time to get into the best high paying affiliate programs that you can promote for your business. I will be breaking these up into different niche categories, just so I leave you with a resource material that is simple and easy to use to find a product that you can promote for your business.

But before I cover all of these affiliate programs, I am not going to do In depth review on each them listed here. The Idea is to give you an overview. Something to stare you in the right direction. It’s all up to you if you want to go ahead and do additional research.

First, I am going to be talking about the following programs and how much you can potentially make form them…

The affiliate programs are going to be in this the following category so that it is easy you to follow.

  • Business, Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing Programs
  • Travel Programs
  • Finance and Investment Programs

Business and Marketing Programs

Web hosting

Now, web hosting is extremely powerful and important in running businesses today. From the small local business person to the big corporations. There will always be a very high demand for web hosting.

People want to have online presence by launching websites whether with WordPress or with any other content management system out there. To achieve this, they need to have web hosting. So, Web hosting is extremely popular and they’re pretty easy to sell.

First… Bluehost

You can make anywhere from $65 to $150 dollars per referral. of course, If you want to make 150 Per referral, you would probably need to sell anywhere from 20 to 30 or more web hosting packages per month. Bluehost is one of the top leading web hosting providers on the internet. They host an average of 4 to 5 million websites sites in their system.

If you need to setup your own affiliate website, I would recommend SiteRibix first before Bluehost though. By the way, SiteRubix is a product of Wealthy Affiliate.

Next… Siteground

Siteground is similar to Bluehost in affiliate commission structure. They do pretty much the same thing. they pay anywhere from $50 to $120 per referral. The $120 comes with sales volume.

Next… Hostgator

Hostgator is one of the most popular in the block. However, I’ve had terrible experiences with their support. I moved my websites from their system to SiteRubix where i am currently and the support is great. That by the way… Hostgator was founded in October 22nd 2002. Clearly, they’ve been around for a while. You can make affiliate commissions anywhere from $50 to $150 per sale.

Next… WPEngine

WPEngine is a bit more complex and expensive. They pay either $200 or 100 percent of the first month in affiliate commissions. now this can range from $200 to tens of thousands of dollars in commissions per referral, depending on the plan that the person signs up for.

Next… LiquidWeb

LiquidWeb is a bit new in the web hosting service space. But they provide up to $1,500 per sale in affiliate commissions, if somebody signs up to the enterprise package. Realistically, you may not be able to make a lot of enterprise sales, because they are much harder to sell. But as far as volume is concern, you can still make a decent amount of commissions with the lower packages.

Lastly… Kinston

Kinstone is also pretty new. You can make anywhere from $50 to $500 in affiliate commissions.This is a little bit different from all other web hosting providers because, Kinston allows for 10% recurring commissions. On the other hand, Bluehost, SiteGround and all the other ones listed here don’t have any recurring commissions for affiliates.

You can just go ahead, test and see if your audience responds positively to this. Oh yes… With Affiliate marketing come testing and tweaking options to ascertain strategies that will be more profitable now and in the long run. It is key.

Marketing Software

Up next… I’d love to go over some of the different marketing software that you can use in your business or refer it to other business owners and affiliates.

First… Click Funels

Click Funnels as the name suggest, they’re a landing page and sales funnel builder. This system is quite popular and was launched by a guy named Russell Brunson.

With Click Funnels you can make anywhere from $38.80 all the way to $118.80 per month in affiliate commissions. Which is about 40 percent recurring income.

However, you need to know that with Click Funnels you will definitely experience drop-off just like every other program with the recurring commission structure and SAS product. But if you have 100 affiliates who signed up under you with $38.80, you can make close to $4000 per month.

If you have 100 affiliates under you, with the $118.80 package per month program, then you can make all the way up to $12,000 per month with just this one affiliate program by having only a hundred people sign up under you.

If people are actually signed up to the recurring plan and they buy any other products, you can make the Commission on those products too.

So, let’s just say, they buy a thousand-dollar course, you can make up to $400 with just that one course alone. If they end up purchasing any of the other higher priced items from $3000 all the way to the $15,000 to comic Club coaching, you can make anywhere from $1000 to $3000 with just one sale from Click Funnels. This is definitely powerful. I would recommend promoting Click Funnels. Not just for the profit, but for the value.

Next… Shopify

Shopify has been blowing up a lot within the past few years. It has gained a lot of popularity as the best host for ecommerce stores. Especially with drop shipping. The past. I am pretty certain you know what Shopify is.

With Shopify, you can make all the way up to 200 percent of the first month which could be

anywhere from $60 all the way up to $2,400. If somebody signs up under in the enterprise plan, and if they build a website or a Shopify store,  you could also make 20% recurring commissions. you just won’t get the 200 percent of the first month.

Next… BigCommerce

BigCommerce is similar to Shopify. It allows you to build ecommerce stores. It’s pretty much the same type of affiliate commission structure. You make 200 percent of the first month which is anywhere from 60 to $500 or you can make all the way up to $1,500 if you refer an enterprise plan.

Next… Instapage

Instapage is like Clickfunnels. It allows you to build landing pages and sales funnels. It is a brilliant marketing software. Now, you can make up to 30% recurring affiliate commissions every month If somebody signs up under you. It cost anywhere from $23.70 all the way up to $68.70.

Next… Teachable

Teachable is a platform where you can host an online course. Now there are a ton of people in the health and fitness niche across the internet using teachable to host their courses.

They’re one of the best. They have a super-clean and user-friendly interface that makes it quite easy to sell

Now, with teachable, you make 30 percent recurring affiliate commissions for everybody that signs up through your affiliate link. This could be anywhere from $9 to $150 per month depending on the particular plan they signed for

Next… ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is email-list and an autoresponder solution system. There are hundreds of them out there who offer the same service. Because of the huge demand for email marketing. So, it is very viable if you want to promote this. And a lot of these autoresponders tend to have recurring commissions as well. So with Active Campaign, you can make anywhere from $9 to $83 in affiliate commissions per month

Next… SEMrush

SEMrush is a very popular tool, especially among people who are into SEO (search engine optimization) and other types of digital marketing professionals. It’s an all-in-one marketing toolkit and they offer a wide range of features from technical SEO audits to rank tracking and competitor intelligence.

If you’re doing any type of SEO for a local business or you’re trying to rank an affiliate site, then this is a perfect tool. With SEMrush, you can actually make anywhere from $40 to $160 in commissions per month for every person that has signed up under you.

Next… HubSpot

HubSpot is a marketing software. With Hubspot, you can make anywhere from $50 per month or you can also make up to $1,000 per sale. HubSpot is actually is a great tool. It’s a fully featured marketing and sales automation platform for entrepreneurs. They’re one of the biggest crm (customer Relationship Management) players in this space.

They serve as a perfect example of how you can leverage the power of content marketing to grow a business. HubSpot has actually one of the best content marketing strategies out there. For a rough estimate, they get close to five million visits per month all through SEO.

Online Courses with Affiliate Program

This can be any online course on SEO, affiliate marketing, YouTube, Amazon FBA, Shopify, Instagram, building a Facebook group, just about anything that you know relates to business and marketing and any online course that is high quality.

I will talk briefly about online courses. When it comes to promoting online courses, you want to be very careful what to promote, because there are a lot of junk out there. Many people sell courses at an expensive rate and refuse to deliver quality information. So, as an affiliate, rather than focusing on the commission, I think you should be more concerned with how much impact and positive effect the course has on its users.

With that being said, the only course I feel comfortable enough to recommend you to promote….

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy affiliate teaches affiliate and content marketing to mention just a few. This has been designed for both beginners and professionals. An interesting thing about this training is that, it also has specific aspects of it that cater to brick and mortar business owners and how to grow their business online. See full review on Wealthy Affiliate.

The affiliate commissions may not be that much compared to some other affiliate courses out there. But this is pretty decent as it has some affiliates who are already making from $5000 to $10000 per month in affiliate commissions.

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Travel Affiliate Program

Let’s talk about the best travel programs and websites that you can promote. Especially if you have a blog or YouTube channel that focuses on travel and lifestyle content.

First… Villiers

Villiers is a private luxury aircraft company and you can make up to 30% of the sale. Since this is a private jet company, it is typical to expect high rates for this sort of service.

Similarly, this should significantly affect affiliate commission. So, you can make anywhere from $200 to $4000 and more, depending on how much the customers are willing to spend on these these private jet flights. With regards to destination and the type of planes that are being rented.

To make recurring commissions with this, if anybody who signs up under you just uses the company again in the future, then you’ll make the Commission on that person again for as long as the customer keeps using their service.

Next… Sandals Resorts

They have about 15 luxury hotels and resorts in the Caribbean and they give 4 percent affiliate commissions on every sale. Now, that may not sound like much.

Funding vacations can be pretty expensive, so, you can make anywhere from $120 to $500 commissions per sale because it just adds up eventually.

Next… MediTravels

MediTravels is a global company that provides medical tourism across the globe. Their aim is to provide a world-class and a second-to-none medical care at super affordable rates.

They are in the business of connecting patients to leading hospitals round the world that will provide them with quality care and the opportunity to experience the rich cultural heritage of the host country.

Its affiliate program offers up to $100 per sale in referral commissions. If your website as an affiliate is in the healthcare or tourism niche, this would be a good one to promote

Next… VIP Cars

As the name implies, VIP Cars is an international car rental broker company. They offer some of the most affordable car rental rates. As an affiliate, you can make anywhere from 50 to 70 percent sales.

Next… VRBO.com

VRBO stands for Vacation Rentals By Owner. They are like Airbnb. They offer a home away from home type of deals to travelers and tourists who don’t want to stay in conventional hotel accommodations.

If you choose to promote VRBO you can make 3 percent or $20.00 per new listing from travelers who stay in any of their facilities anywhere in the world.

I have there are these three sites which you have probably heard. They all offer their own unique affiliate programs. Definitely something that you probably want to embed on your site or blog and YouTube channel. Then of course, depending the focus of your content. And here they are…

  • Trip Advisor
  • Travelocity
  • Priceline

They all offer similar but unique individual affiliate programs.

Personal finance and Investment Affiliate Program

First… EToro

With Etoro you can make up to $160 per deposit. Now, what’s really interest about eToro is that, it is the world’s leading social investment network. You can trade and invest in stock currencies and commodities. Additionally, eToro actually allows you to copy the trading strategies of successful investors. If you happen to be considering investing yourself.

Next… Credible

Credible specializes in helping intending college students to find the best loans for their studies. They also help students refinance their loans for better deals.

So, this is definitely something that you probably want to target more towards college students or parents and guidance of college students. to try to get them to sign up with Credible and you can make up to $240 per accepted loan offer.

Next… Personal capital

With Personal Capital, you can make up to $100 for each qualified lead that you bring in. And if those qualified leads keep coming in through you, you can actually make more than a $100 per lead.

So, what Personal Capital pretty much does is, they’re an online wealth management company and they actually control a rough estimate of $6.1billion in assets for clients just all throughout their entire system.

Next… Binary Options

This is for those who trade binary options and forex. You can make up $250 in commissions per trade you referred to the platform.

Next… ETX Affiliate

ETX Affiliate is more or less a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) program. And you can make from $500 to $800 in affiliate commissions per sale. Especially if you can get people to buy in on the platinum plan.

Lastly… Colmex

Colmex simply provides a trading platform that allows people to trade in the capital market. You can make 40 percent affiliate commissions for every client that you convert from your website. This can be up to $1000 dollars in CPA commissions.

Health Fitness And Beauty

First… Organifi

Organifi has been one of the top converting offers in health and fitness niche over the past couple of years. Between when they first launched and now, they have done over $40 million in sales with hundreds of thousands of customers. They’re still one of the top converting offers on Clickbank.

Organifi is popularly known for their green supplements, weight loss and optimized health and fitness products. As an affiliate, you can make anywhere from $620 up front. You also can make 30 percent recurring commissions which is up to $75 per month depending on the supplements and programs that people are purchasing from Organifi.

if you’re in health and fitness niche, see if Organifi is something that you want to promote to your audience.

Next… James Allen

James Allen is a website tailored for engagements, brides and weddings. But their average sale is very high. Their average sale is about $6500. So, you make about $225 dollars in commissions per sale.

If the sale ends up being $10,000 you make 5% and that would be $50 in Commission.

But imagine getting twenty to thirty brides. One bride every single month to purchase through your James Allen affiliate link, that would be an average of $275 per day. which would give you an estimate of close to nine to ten thousand dollars per month. Pretty cool right?

Next… Phen 375

Phen 375 is a weight loss, food supplements and fat burning product. They have been around for a very long time and have over two hundred and fifty thousand customers globally. Which makes them a pretty popular program. As at the time of the post, they are growing strong and you can still promote it for commissions. This will allow you make up to $90 per sale.

I sincerely hope that this helped you somehow. If you have any question for me, go ahead and leave your comments in the comment section below. I wish you the very best as you search for success online.

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    Thanks for this opp to join your list. And if I haven’t mentioned it to you before ?, please like/follow me also at


    1. Sam Oa

      Hello Alice, I am glad you made it here and thank you so much for the kind words. I will follow through with your invitation.

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